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Stainless steel filter elements

Sinter elements and screen elements made of stainless steel

Stainless steel filter elements

Stainless steel filter elements

Five-layer stainless steel sinter elements

Stainless steel filter elements consist of up to five layers of 316L stainless steel mesh connected to form a screen element. The middle layer is made of fine wire mesh and determines filtration rate. It is supported and protected upstream and downstream by layers of coarser mesh.

These elements work well in applications with high pollution loads and as a pre-filter upstream of disposable final filter types. The filters require seals made of FKM, PTFE, or copper-aluminum (for high-temperature applications).

Simple stainless steel screen elements

These COGA stainless steel filter elements consist of a single layer of 316L stainless steel mesh. They are ideal for applications requiring an economical alternative to stainless steel filters.

Stainless steel sinter powder elements

These COGA stainless steel filter elements consist of stainless steel manufactured from sintering powder. A large selection of diameters and lengths are available.

  • Mounting angle
  • Float rod drain
  • Drain reservoir


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