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Discover Contec: industrial filter and fill level solutions

Whether you filter chocolate, clear compressors from oil mist on drilling vessels, or determine tank contents on construction machinery, Contec is a solution provider with multifaceted experience in process engineering, the process industry and mechanical engineering.






Sensors and switches



Who we are and what we do

Contec is a classical medium-sized technology company with the high quality stands associated with SMEs. Overall, four business units determine our product policy.

In addition to oil mist filtration products, our business units encompass air and gas filtration, liquid filtration and fill level measurement. We are market leaders in oil mist separators, whose technology, we invented. Our services range from engineering to planning to manufacture of special filter systems. Nearly every product is customized for the needs of the customer.

Air and gas filtration

We offer individual, standardized products for filtration of particles and aerosols from air and gases. High quality and customer-oriented prices are included.

Oil mist separators

Our oil mist separators feature high efficiency, compact design, minimum maintenance effort and quick spare part procurement. Invented by Contec!

Liquid filtration

Take advantage of the benefits of our broad range of products, from standard filter elements and housings to complete assemblies and custom products for precise filtration of liquids and highly viscous media.

Fill level technology

For exact monitoring of fill levels and temperatures, we offer a number of products that reliably measure and regulate even in changing media and explosive atmospheres.

As an equipment manufacturer, we value price and performance. In Contec, we found a good partner for our sophisticated filter applications in food extraction with self-cleaning automatic filters.

Axel Remke, Senior Process Engineer,
DEVEX Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

Engineered in Bad Honnef

Individual planning, flexible design and efficient use: these are our engineers' development aspirations. Contec stands for competent consulting, high-quality products unbureaucratic service. As a manufacturer and qualified trading company, we feature customer-specific system solution development and project-specific engineering. For each project, we develop an individual solution proposal. You will find tailored solutions that optimize your processes while helping protect the environment.

What can you expect if you work with us? A technical, competent dialogue, short lines of communication and a prompt, professional transaction. We give achieving this our all.

Interesting example projects

Our customers include SME-influenced companies and large international corporations. The products are used in a wide variety of areas of life and industry: in the energy industry, chemicals companies, the food industry, shipbuilding, water treatment, process engineering and the automotive and commercial vehicle industry.

Air and gas filters (COGA)

BASF's plant in Ludwigshafen is one of the biggest chemical plants in the world. It uses Contec filter solutions for filtration, adsorption and separation in a wide variety of areas.

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Oil Mist Filtration (COMS)

The Contec oil mist separator is also used at sea on cutting-edge drilling vessels. It separates the oil mist from the air in the compressors and ensures that strict environmental and emissions regulations are complied with.

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Liquid filters (COLF)

Weinrich GmbH uses Contec filters to transform paste into the finest chocolate. The chocolate manufacturer has a 125 years-long experience.

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Level measurement (COLM)

When conditions on construction sites or in mines become especially severe, material must show what it can do. Contec level gauges deliver clear, reliable information for sound decisions.

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Latest news


Welcome to the Contec Team

Since March, Jannik Joest has been strengthening our team in the field of liquid level measurement. The 25-year-old trained industrial commercial specialist has a soft spot for technical products and is enthusiastic about everything to do with sports in his free time.


Fifty years of filter solutions from Bad Honnef

On 11/12/2022, we are celebrating the company's 50th anniversary. We started out in 1972 selling standard industrial filters. A short time later, we started developing and manufacturing our own solutions such as filter rakes for mechanical treatment of wastewater and other liquids. In 1987, the world's first oil mist separator was…


Contec wedge wire filters / metal edge filters

Liquid filtration using fully automatic wedge wire filters / metal edge filters. Self-cleaning liquid filtration without interrupting for complicated conditions. contec wedge wire filters / metal edge filters for the filtration of complicated, viscous or gel-like media such as lacquer, emulsions, oil, polyurethane, chocolate, bitumen…


Liquid filtration using fully automatic reverse flow filter

contec automatic filters are automatic backwash filters for the filtration of low-viscosity liquids. The filters guarantee uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of industrial plants and engines. Your advantage: With these reliable filter systems you also extend the maintenance intervals, thereby keeping your operating costs low and…


Extracting and filtering oil mist

Experts know all about the problem. High concentrations of oil mist by industrial production result in health risks and environmental pollution.
This applies particularly to large workshops and factories in which rotating machines such as wheel mechanisms, turbines, turbo units or compressors for producing energy or compressed…


Modern three-way battle: avoid emissions, save costs and operate the systems safely

The smallest Contec Oil Mist Separator (COMS) type 180/435 cleans around 205,000 m3 of exhaust air from the oil mist every year and saves about sixty litres of lubricating oil.

The COMS prevent pollution caused by the precipitation of oil mist in systems and in rooms. Damage to the health of employees and the…


Filtech 2018 in Cologne

Contec® will exhibit on Filtech 2018

13 – 15 March 2018 - Cologne/Germany - Hall 11.1 - Booth No. M7

The world's premier trade show for innovations and services in filtration.

Our engineers and sales team will be of your assistance for any questions concerning…


Best practice: customer-specific filtration solution for highly viscous media such as chocolate

Industrial filtration of highly viscous media gives rise to problems that conventional filters cannot solve. Contec Industrieausrüstung GmbH tackled this problem and modified a self-cleaning filter system for chocolate filtration. The Contec wedge wire filter with its multifaceted properties contributes to product quality by removing…

We are here for you: contact persons at a glance

Air and gas filters (COGA)

Air and gas filters (COGA)

Marcel Muß
Internal sales
+49 (0)2224 9893-27

Oil Mist Filtration (COMS)

Oil Mist Filtration (COMS)

Frank Ketteniss
Product Manager
+49 (0)2224 9893-12

Liquid filters (COLF)

Liquid filters (COLF)

Helmut Scherer
Product Manager
+49 (0)2224 9893-18


Level measurement (COLM)

Level measurement (COLM)

Jannik Joest
Internal sales
+49 (0)2224 9893-11

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