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Over 3,000 sold COMS units in use worldwide

used by leading plant manufacturers since 1972

Oil mist separator series

Oil mist separators

Standard and special designs

Standard designs
Blower throughputs of 8 to 255 Nm3/h at 50 Hz operation, -60 mbar Δp

Special designs

Blower throughputs of 340 to 1,200 Nm3/h at 50 Hz operation, -60 mbar Δp

The advantages of Contec Oil Mist Separators (COMS)

The oil mist separator is installed in lubricating oil tanks for:

Contec Oil Mist Separator series

COMS-Type Throughput kW engine

24 Nm3/h

0.18 kW

50 Nm3/h

0.37 kW

110 Nm3/h

0.75 kW

190 Nm3/h

1.10 kW

255 Nm3/h

2.20 kW


360 Nm3/h

2.20 kW


340 Nm3/h

3.00 kW


480 Nm3/h

3.00 kW


600 Nm3/h

4.00 kW


710 Nm3/h

5.50 kW


950 Nm3/h

9.20 kW


1,200 Nm3/h

11.00 kW

How do oil mist separators work?

Have a look at the animation to see the interior of a COMS (Contec Oil Mist Separator). How are oil aerosols separated and fed back into the system, where are the filter elements and how are they replaced?


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