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Measured control

Contec components for accurate measuring and control of liquid levels

Level Measurement and level monitoring – Liquid level sensors

Liquid level sensors

Contec liquid level sensors and liquid level measurements are used for the continuous measurement of liquid levels, also with changing media. The measured values are specified in percent, length or volume units. Depending on the sensor, Contec liquid level measurement issues a digital or analog signal. The measurement is carried out with or without contact to the process medium.

Analog Contec sensors

Capacitive sensors

With capacitive liquid level measurement, the liquid level is measured using an electric field. Capacitive liquid level measurement is a cost-effective solution that offers a wealth of possibilities for level monitoring in various liquids, even in aggressive media.

Electromechanical sensors

Electromechanical Contec liquid level sensors work with floats, i.e. with a buoyant body that changes its position with the liquid level in the tank. If the liquid level rises or falls, the float changes the electrical output signal.

Applications, e.g. in


Contec level sensors can be configured in many ways to suit the customer's application, e.g. with:


Contec level sensors stand for:

Practical examples of level measurement

Liquid level indicator for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)
Liquid level indicator for mobile tank systems
Liquid level indicator for construction machinery
Temperature switch for brake system in railroad cars


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