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COLM (Contec liquid mesurement): precise measurement and testing of liquids and temperatures

Level measurement

Whether analogue or digital - we configure the suitable solution

For exact monitoring of fill levels and temperatures, Contec offers a number of components that reliably measure and regulate even in changing media and explosive atmospheres, or as part of applications in such environments.

All sensors, fill level indicators and float switches are designed and manufactured according to customer specifications. Within the realm of technical feasibility, we design the right solution according to the required application parameters such as output signal; position, number and function of switching points; immersion depth; and material.

Clear information is the foundation specialists use to make sound decisions. That makes clarity and reliability in determining fill levels indispensable: clarity about one's own actions and reliability expected from the technical components. The extensive Contec measuring device portfolio provides just that.

Contec measuring devices can be used to measure, regulate and monitor the following:

Typical applications areas:

The standard Contec series of float switches, fill level indicators and sensors are manufactured according to customer specifications. Material, immersion depth, tension, output signal, number and function of switching points, etc. are freely configurable within technical capabilities.



Collaboration with Contec confirms that quality is not confined to the product side. Technical support and the variety of Contec products give us and our products success.

Manuel Albrecht, Technical Head of Tank Technology, Rietbergwerke GmbH & Co. KG

Reliable testing, professional transaction, on-time delivery. That is what we stand for.

Sensors, switches and indicators

For exact monitoring of fill levels and temperatures in engines, engine cooling systems, concrete pumps, diesel generator sets, etc., Contec offers a number of sensors, indicators and temperature switches whose design, electrical connection options, etc. may vary.

Liquid level sensors

Reliable and accurate measuring of levels, even in changing media, in:

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Liquid level switches

Reliable and accurate Monitoring of levels in:

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Liquid level indicators

Reliable gauging of tank contents in:

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Temperature switches

Accurate and reliable monitoring of Temperatures in:

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Contec Liquid Measurement, a Contec division.

A capacitive sensor is based on changes to an alternating electric field. A liquid's fill level, in a tank, for instance, influences the strength of the alternating field that the sensor generates. The sensor uses this change in electric capacity as a measuring signal.

For fill level measurement with a capacitive fill level sensor, exact information about the liquid is needed ahead of time. Sensor precision depends on the dielectricity constants of the medium to be measured. If the liquids or fuels are to change (diesel or biodiesel, for instance), Contec offers special solutions such as sensors with manual or automatic calibration.

Typical application areas for capacitive fill level sensors are tanks of motor sport vehicles, utility vehicles and agricultural and construction machinery and in mobile tanks. Capacitive sensors can measure liquids such as coolant, lubricant, fuel and motor and hydraulic oil.

Mechanical fill level indicators can be observed and evaluated in a fraction of a second, much like a clock face, where the position of the hands is enough to tell the time. Fill level indicators are simple and robust in design and can easily be adapted to individual tank dimensions, sometimes by simply shortening them. They require no power connection. Contec fill level indicators can also be retrofitted with an addition signal output with a Twinsites indicator face.

Fill levels in a tank can be measured by such means as electrically capacitive, radar-guided or mechanical equipment. The COLM product range also includes level switches for detecting when a liquid is at a certain level.

The most commonly used Contec sensors are capacitive and electromechanical sensors. Fill levels can also be monitored optically, hydrostatically or with ultrasound.

Contec fill level sensors can be used in many ways. For example, they detect the fill levels of liquids in reservoirs and storage tanks. They also monitor critical process states in such situations as when a hydraulic tank is emptied or the inadvertent overfilling of a tank must be prevented.

Other possible uses include the following:

If only one level or switching function (such as a maximum or minimum warning signal) is needed, the COLM fill level switch is the right mechanism. The switches are used classically to monitor pumps or record warning signals when liquid falls below a certain level.

Practical examples of level measurement

Liquid level indicator for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)
Liquid level indicator for mobile tank systems
Liquid level indicator for construction machinery
Temperature switch for brake system in railroad cars


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