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COGA (Contec gas- and airfilters) for a wide range of filtration tasks

Air and gas filters

From standardized modular filter to customized filter system

When it comes to protecting sensitive components or measuring equipment, the filter element plays a decisive role. Making compromises here means accepting greater maintenance effort or machine downtimes. That is why we consistently use high-quality filter solutions with long service life in the COGA (Contec gas and air filters) product area.

We can choose from a large standard range (almost 6,000 filters) or develop custom solutions for your application. We always offer the right solution and the more economical one, for virtually any application area.



We work in a highly sensitive area, so we need reliable partners who understand the problems and find practical, affordable solutions.

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Profitability requires quality.
We test every filter solution before it leaves our house.

Filter housings

Contec air and gas filter housings made of stainless steel, aluminum or various plastics fulfill the required industrial standards. Contec filter housings and elements can be used at high pressures and temperatures, even with aggressive media.

Aluminum filter housings

COGA (Contec gas and air filters) filter housings consist of an anodized aluminum sump and an aluminum head. The components are made of polyamide. They can be delivered with 1/8" and 1/4" connections and various drainage options.

The housings can be used in compressed air applications and for general filtration tasks.

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Aluminum and polyamide filter housings

COGA (Contec gas and air filters) filter housings consist of an anodized aluminum head with housing sump and components made of polyamide. They can be delivered with 1/4" and 1/2" connections and have various drainage options, including automatic drainage. The housings can be used in compressed air systems and for general filtration tasks.

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PTFE filter housings

COGA (Contec gas and air filters) filter housings were designed for applications with 1/8" and 1/4" lines for which PTFE must be used for its resistance. The FF111 housing system is especially suitable for applications in which reaction time is important.

Standard COGA housings have NPT connections and FKM seals. Other seal options are available.

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Polyamide filter housings

COGA (Contec gas and air filters) filters are made entirely of polyamide. Transparent polyamide is used for the housing sump. They can be delivered with 1/8" and 1/4" connections and various drainage options.

These housings can be used in compressed air systems and for general filtration tasks. Standard COGA housings have NPT connections and FKM seals.

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Stainless steel filter housings

COGA (Contec gas and air filters) filter housing series are used upstream of pilot/operating pressure regulators. Equipped with a highly efficient coalescing filter element, the SS147 filter housing removes solid particles and liquid aerosols, providing complete protection for expensive control valves.

Standard housings have NPT connections and FKM seals. The seamless COGA housing complies with NACE MR-01-75.

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DIF | Disposable In-Line filters

COGA (Contec gas and air filters) disposable In-Line filters consist of permanently attached housings with built-in glass microfiber filter elements. This suits them especially well to mobile analysis equipment and systems requiring robust filters that are easy to replace.

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Filter elements

Contec filter elements are harmonized to their specific application, taking into account filtration rate, differential pressure, flow rate and of course economy. We guarantee fast, gapless, cost-effective spare parts procurement for Contec filters.

Stainless steel filter elements

Stainless steel filter elements consist of up to five layers of 316L stainless steel mesh connected to form a screen element. The middle layer is made of fine wire mesh and determines filtration rate. It is supported and protected upstream and downstream by layers of coarser mesh.

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Composite microfiber elements

Disposable microfiber composite filter elements are manufactured from a specified mixture of borosilicate glass microfiber according to extremely high quality standards.

These elements have outstanding filtration properties at very low pressure losses and have a storage capacity of about 90%, enabling a long service life. The composite makes the elements very strong.

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PTFE filter elements

Contec PTFE filter elements are manufactured by sintering pure PTFE granulate. No additives are used. These COGA (Contec gas and air filters) filter elements are a good choice wherever only 100% pure PTFE can be used. Normally, a disposable K type is preferable, since it is superior to commercially available PTFE filters in both pressure loss and service life.

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Adsorber housings and adsorbents

Fine gas cleaning sometimes requires physical and chemical separation processes as well as mechanical filtration. To this end, Contec offers adsorber housings and various adsorbents and catalysts.

DIA | Disposable In-Line adsorbers

COGA (Contec gas and air filters) disposable In-Line adsorbers (DIAs) consist of a PA or PVDF housing filled with adsorber granulate with integrated filter fleece at the inlet and outlet.

Two sizes (about 50 cm³ and about 110 cm³ of adsorbent) are available. Given the same housing, the throughputs are the same as for Grade 50 elements.

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Adsorber vessels, IAH series

The IAH-series adsorber vessels are plastic containers with a screw cap for receiving solid adsorbents. The vessels consist of transparent PLEXIGLAS® XT so that the sorbent filling can be checked visually at any time.

The screw cap makes the vessel easy to open, so it can be refilled as often as necessary.

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Adsorbents allow efficient, cost-effective processes in many cleaning methods. The filtered components depend on the sorbent used. We deliver adsorbents according to the application specificities.

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The term "COGA" is protected by the Contec air and gas filtration division. It stands for Contec Gas and Air filters.

Contec adsorbers are used for fine gas cleaning that mechanical filtration cannot manage. An adsorber is a system that consists of an adsorber housing that encloses adsorbents. The adsorbents depend on the elements to be filtered (CO2 or various halogens, for instance).

In addition to drying gases, adsorbers can remove the following:

Particle filters separate particles from gases or liquids when the fluid stream is routed into a housing with two connections and through a particle filter element. The filter element flow direction is from outside to inside.

The flow direction in coalescing filter elements is from inside to outside. A coalescing filter element essentially consists of two parts: a coalescing inner layer and a coarser outer layer for discharging the liquid. Aerosols and droplets are captured in the fine fibers of the inner layer, accumulate in the outer filter element layer during passage and move from there to a collection tray.

PTFE is the abbreviation for polytetrafluorethylene. PTFE is a linearly composed polymer made of fluorine and hydrocarbons. The semi-crystalline fluoroplastic exhibits extremely strong bonds between carbon and fluorine atoms. Colloquially, this plastic is often called "Teflon", a DuPont trade name. PTFE is very temperature-resistant.

PTFE's outstanding thermal and chemical resistance make it one of the most versatile plastics in air, gas and liquid filtration. It appears in the Contec filter range in diaphragm filters and candle filters and in the filter housing itself. PFTE is inert and cannot adsorb.

To select the right filter housing and element, consider the following:

Points 1, 2 and 3 determine the construction material for the filter housing, filter element and seals.

Point 4 is crucial for housing configuration: One connection for intake filters, two connections for inline housings and three connections for coalescing, bypass and fast-loop housings.

Points 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 determine filter size. This is generally a compromise between factors favoring a small filter (quick reaction time, small space requirements, low cost, minimized adsorption losses) and those favoring a large one (long maintenance intervals, low pressure loss). The decision therefore depends on the importance of these criteria and must be evaluated individually with each application.

Disposable filter elements offer low pressure losses, a long service life and very good filtration characteristics that are harmonized with the medium. It is generally a very economical solution. There is no cleaning and filter elements are replaced 1:1. If the medium is changed, the filter can be adjusted easily and individually to the new medium.

A differential pressure indicator indicates how much of a filter element is "taken up". It can be used to determine when the filter element should be replaced to ensure that the system works without problems and there are no expensive failures.

  • Mounting brackets
  • Float-operated drainage
  • Drainage tank


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