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When function secures operation

We built the first oil mist separator in the world

We built the first oil mist separator in the world

There are huge drilling and refining vessels operating on the world‘s seas every day as floating drilling and oil distribution systems. And even though oil is extracted from thousands of meters below the surface of the water, the effort pays off.

Contec addressed the complexity of the task and process and integrated those insights into the product solution. The result is a reliable system that gives us absolute operational reliability.

Pavan Kshirsagar, Projects Team Leader
ATLAS COPCO Ltd. – Gas & Process Application

Drilling vessels are huge production plants – they are just afloat and have very little space. Once the oil is brought up and processed, these floating giants transfer the „black gold“ to tankers for distribution in a ship-to-ship process. The overall system is as complex as it is sensitive, requiring each tanker‘s 200,000 barrels of oil to be pumped and processed in interminable pipelines with tight angles. And extremely strict environmental regulations apply, since oil and water don‘t go well together, as everyone knows.

One element ensuring operational reliability in this highly complex, sensitive system is Contec products such as COMS oil mist separators. COMS (Contec oil mist separators) are used in lubricating oil tanks for compressors and motors. Unlike simple filters and separators, Contec oil mist separators ensure constant negative pressure in the lubricating oil system, separate oil mist from the air, and release clean exhaust into the environment. It does not matter to COMS whether the waves are breaking meters above them, their housings are subject to salty air, or icy temperatures crank up the viscosity. COMS are robust oil mist separators created specifically for challenging tasks. Made in Germany and invented at our premises.

COMS exceed requirements for quality, service life, and emission limit values. They are used in all kinds of motors, compressors, turbines, and machinery with an integrated or external lubricating oil system – at sea, in permafrost regions, or in continuous use in biomass district heating and garbage incineration plants (waste to energy). Our customers benefit from more than 50 years of experience in the industry and the three-level Contec development concept: Individuality. Flexibility. Efficiency.


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