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When quality ensures that processes run reliably and economically

Find out what is important within a second

Find out what is important within a second

Deep below the earth‘s surface, excavators with their pneumatic hammers break apart rock, and wheel loaders carry off the debris. This environment demands workers who can really get down to business – workers whose helmet is more important than their smartphone and whose colleagues are like family to them. It re- quires people who can count on each other and who need technology that is reliable and resistant.

Collaboration with Contec confirms that quality is not confined to the product side. Technical support and the variety of Contec products give us and our products success.

Manuel Albrecht, Technical Head of Tank Technology, Rietbergwerke GmbH & Co. KG

When construction machinery is checked before the shift starts, the contribution of robust Contec fill level indicators to smooth, safe routines is inestimable. They allow tank content to be determined at a glance and documented. No tiresome climbing, starting the machine, and reading instruments in the cockpit. No additional risk due to climbing to operator cabs. No loss of time, either, since a simple check on the ground can save up to ten minutes per machine.

And it is just these features – safety and reliability – that the fill level measurement product division stands for. Clear information is the foundation specialists use to make sound decisions. The standard Contec series of float switches and fill level indicators and sensors are manufactured according to customer specifications. Essential parameters such as material, immersion depth, tension, and number and function of switching points are freely configurable within technical capabilities.

And our thinking is not one-dimensional. In addition to proven mechanical indicators and analog sensors, we use everything from standard radar sensors and switches to radar sensors we have developed ourselves and internet-supported cloud solutions that can be read out anytime, anywhere to perform each measurement task.

Small tanks systems ensure safety, flexibility, and downtime minimization on construction sites.


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